London, UK

Donal O’Neill

Donal O’Neill, based in London, provides general consultancy services evaluating the impact of industry on host societies, with emphasis on socio-economic factors and long-term effects. These services include advice on strategies and organizational structures required to mitigate negative impacts and achieve “win-win” solutions for both industry and the society (at the local, regional and national level) in which it operates. Integral with these services, he develops scenario-based role-playing simulation tools primarily for industry, building on insights gained from experience in the oil and gas industry worldwide.

Previously, Donal spent 36 years with Royal-Dutch Shell, where he held a number of senior operational positions. Between 2000 and 2004, he was Vice President, External Affairs and Social Performance, for Shell International in The Hague. In that position, he used the experience he had gained from managing oil and gas ventures to implement his belief that management of the industry’s impact on its host societies is as important as technical and economic management of its oil and gas assets. From 1996 to 2000, he was Managing Director of Shell Venezuela. He has also managed and run Shell operations for significant periods in Nigeria, Turkey and Norway, among other places.