"The game of Observations proved too difficult for a mere scribbler in Grub Street. I could muster no more than 700 points for the country questions… but I was delighted with the game, and I compliment you on the brilliance of your ‘drawing together of elements increasingly diffuse....
Lewis Lapham, Harpers Magazine

"We’d love to describe Elizabeth Howard’s Observations
in a few words, but it resists easy labeling.... the two-page Observations is an idiosyncratic monthly that violates the neat categories of corporate publications."
Ragan Report

"Keep sending those wonderful newsletters – Observations. The newsletter is, by far, one of the best ones I receive. It gives me concise, pertinent information.
Geraldine Rizzo, Marketing Director, New Woman Magazine

"I am overwhelmed at the depth of research cum knowledge that your activities demand. Observations are fascinating. My Dartmouth grandson asks whether there are enough corporate thinkers in today’s climate to subscribe.
Theodore Koton, International Trade Consultant

"Observations is just a wonderful piece that reflects a talented company."
Robert Durkin, Educator